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3 Ways You Can Spend Part(s) of a Holiday Growing Your Business

With Christmas soon to be celebrated around the world, the temptation to neglect efforts to grow and enhance your entrepreneurial efforts reaches its apex.  The stress of all your extracurricular activities is at its peak, the demands on your already limited time grow exponentially, and you are already thinking about how slow the first quarter of the following year can be and how it will affect your pocketbook.  The good news is there’s good news!

With the exception of a few occasions, the world’s mileage varies when it comes to holidays.  Canada has already celebrated Thanksgiving, and every country has a different day, or multiple days, for celebrating other events, like their independence.  In the global marketplace, your holiday is just another day around the world.  Use a part of it to keep working your plan for growth and prosperity for your business!

Here are 3 things you could be doing before the holiday festivities begin in your back yard that will pay dividends……..

1) Shift your marketing efforts to foreign companies

Folks in your own country will have the day off, but folks in other countries may not.  Take an hour and send emails, postcards, etc. to introduce yourself to as many overseas prospects as possible.  They’re open for business and could need your services TODAY!

2) Send “thank you” notes to any existing foreign clients

It doesn’t have to be a hand written “thank you” note, although that is certainly going the extra mile and will be much more appreciated assuming there’s no language barrier.  Email is perfectly OK.  It keeps you at the top of the mind and is an extra mile that your competitor might not travel.

3) Check the calendar

As we’ve established, your holidays aren’t always their holidays.  Use your holiday to take some time and find out when their holidays are.  Find out how they’re celebrated, then use the knowledge to take a moment to wish them a great holiday when they occur.  It’s a nice marketing touch that will separate you from your competitor!

Down time is certainly precious, and I am certainly not suggesting that you not enjoy it on the rare occasions when you get it.  But a little time invested on a day off now could provide the seed to exponential growth down the road, and all because you took an hour to show your foreign clients a little extra love.

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The Most Valuable Tool in Your Voiceover Ratchet Set

Successful people have a wide range of qualities that make them a hit in their field.  In the voiceover world, talent counts, but only for so much.  Ability to market yourself to businesses who can use your services is also a plus.  Having state-of-the-art equipment shows your commitment to quality, but in many cases you may be dealing with clients who are less than tech geeks, and in the end that might only be a calling card when your client is a production studio. Of everything you have to offer as a voice talent, accountant, mechanic, or any professional endeavor, what is the one attribute that can often prove to be the most valuable…….and lucrative?

Several personal examples I have over the past few weeks illustrate that the speed at which you can deliver quality work is the most valuable tool in your voiceover ratchet set.   I am sometimes amazed at how many “fly by the seat of their pants” clients I get, whether it’s an ad agency, production company, or someone who hires me directly to do their voice mail or related project.  A client I found via Craigslist called a few weeks ago with an urgent need for two radio spots.  These were direct response ads, and they had to deliver them to the stations they bought within two hours!  While I may have questioned how well-planned this campaign may have been, the fact was that I had a window of availability and could deliver a quality product when they needed it.

As I always tell you with any topic discussed here, your mileage may vary, but in every case where someone needed a fast turnaround (which I define as either something brought to you after 9 p.m. local time for which overnight delivery is needed or within a few hours within a normal business day), they have offered a very nice premium in return for the rush service…..sometimes even double or triple my rate card (which I have but never divulge)!

I should point out that if this is a repeat client with which I have an established relationship, I would not expect a premium within reason and would probably forego it if I knew I was going to get regular work.  I’ll make that extra money eventually.  If it is a first time client and they don’t offer some sort of incentive for a rush job, don’t be afraid to ask!  The shortage of available people and the urgency to have finished audio makes it a seller’s market on your end.  Remind them of that……gently and in so many words, of course.

The equation of  Speed + Quality + Availability = Lucrative Opportunities can turn a so-so month into a really nice one!

He’s More Than Your Average Joe

As many of us….present blog writer included….work to successfully segue from radio to full-time, self sustaining voiceover talent, it’s good to have a point of reference, particularly on a day when it seems like we’re treading water.

Joe Cipriano has far exceeded his wildest dreams to have a place near the top of the A-list in our business, and now he chronicles his journey in “Living On Air” (available HERE). Some of us fell into radio by accident, and others are bitten by the bug at a very young age and never lose the passion. Joe is squarely in the latter category, and with the combination of talent, determination, hard work, and luck in various quantities, he became a major market on-air talent at 20. From Waterbury, Connecticut to Washington, DC to Los Angeles, he relives his journey and introduces you to characters we’ve all worked with or known at some point in our career.

“Living On Air” is the story of a guy having the time of his life, and many reading this blog will resemble his remarks when they read the book. Your career mileage will vary, and most likely has if you weren’t in a major market at 20. And while I wouldn’t recommend the path he took from point A to point B, it has worked out nicely for him and will be very relatable to those of us who fell in love with radio and would have done, and still do, anything to follow our dream as it has taken us from an on-air studio to a recording booth.

“Living On Air” reminds us that even on the worst days and most dire of circumstances, i.e. the dreaded “different direction”, format change, or misguided station management, what we do on the air or in the booth still beats working any day of the week…..and twice on Sundays.

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